I believe every man and woman who enlists with the military in either Canada or the United States truly believes they are doing something important.  Their intention is good.  And I honour them for doing what they think is right.  However, I also believe “the powers that be” have exercised huge manipulation tactics to get people to believe they are doing what is right.  The manipulation has worked and continues to work!  The outcome has been – and continues to be – disastrous!  The Great War, the one that was supposed to end all wars, fell short.  WWII also fell short; as have all the other wars I can’t even recount – including the wars that are being waged as we speak.  There has to be a new idea.  There has to be a way to urge people to enlist in a program, a process, a cause for Peace.


There also has to be a way for every citizen, of every country, to be proud of saying, “Peace begins with me.”