The Labyrinth at Kairos ~ your journey… one step at a time

Labyrinths date back thousands of years. They were designed as a single winding path leading to a centre. Unlike a maze, which leads to dead ends, a labyrinth plays no tricks. With its twists and turns, it is often seen as a metaphor for life’s journey. It provides a meditative experience, a place in which to step away from a hectic world into a space of quiet contemplation.

To walk a labyrinth is to explore your connection with Nature, with the Universe, and with your Self.

Today there is renewed interest in this ancient form. Labyrinths are appearing at hospitals, churches, schools, prisons, and in communities around the world.

They are also used as venues for honouring and celebrating important life events.
The Labyrinth at Kairos is a perfect spot to create a memorable experience.

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