Imagine a world at peace. Imagine a world with everyone having vibrant heath, living in harmony and sharing equally the resources of Mother Earth, with no hunger or disease, no poverty or crime.

What if every business was driven by a commitment to the health and well-being of every person on the planet? What if every business shared openly and honestly in an environment of trust and respect? What if every business supported its employees in discovering their unique gifts and talents?

In his book, Authentic Leading: Where the Blue Sky Hits the Road, Dr. Dean Pielstick says, “There is a growing body of evidence that spirituality is impacting the workplace. Furthermore, there are indications that it may provide a positive influence on business outcomes.” Fortune magazine published an article in 2001 entitled “Spirituality: God and Business” noting that many workplaces are beginning to focus on work that is more ethical, humane, and fulfilling.

Whether the company is large or small, it is the leadership of the company that determines its focus. When the CEO of a giant corporation or the sole proprietor of a small company can engage others in such a way as to raise the level of consciousness, transformation takes place. When the business perspective shifts from focusing on the pursuit of profit to respecting Mother Earth and her people, the business creates long-term value. It attracts investors, employees, clients and customers who embrace the shared opportunity to participate in a new way of conducting business.

A number of corporations and smaller businesses are taking an active role in creating change in corporate culture. The CEO, managers, and owners, are leading by example. They are creating an optimal environment in which accountability is key.

Hewitt Associates Canada, used the level of employee engagement as the key measure in its 2007 survey of the 50 Best Employers in Canada. The greater the employee engagement, the higher the employer placed in the survey.

EllisDon Corporation rated first. It is a company focused on continually searching out opportunities to make a difference, to become stronger, to stay a leader. “We have one goal in mind: to make our employees and clients as successful as possible.”

The third-ranking company, PCL Constructors Inc., is “committed to a culture that promotes teamwork, learning, recognition, trust and career development.”

Another company rated in the top 50 is Delta Hotels, a company that “demonstrates and encourages an attitude that is supportive of the social needs of the community.”

Conscious Planet, a small Burnaby, B.C.-based company, is also walking the talk. Its mission statement is this: “To raise consciousness by creating the ideal environment for health and well-being.” Its philosophy is that sustainable change happens from the inside out; it emphasizes co-operation versus competition, and it promotes health, community, financial freedom, and spiritual well-being.

When we recognize that business responds to the marketplace, we realize we each have a role to play. Let’s support businesses that lead and educate by example. Let’s take responsibility for our choices. Every dollar we spend is a vote.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “We must be the change we wish to see.”

~ Linda